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The Voice of Traditional Karate

Classical Fighting Arts is a periodical distributed by direct mail to subscribers, and through the major book chains. Wholesale distribution to bookstores in North America and Canada is by International Periodical Distributors (Source Interlink). While every effort are made to publish at quarterly intervals, greater emphasis is placed on quality of content than strict adherence to deadlines.

Specifications Full-color 84 page publication on glossy paper with a perfect bound spine. ISSN 1547-416X Designated an educational periodical by the United States Postal Service.
Readership Our readers can best be described as active martial artists who are knowledgeable, discerning, experienced, and committed. While their demographics are broad, a very large number are professionals with above average education and income.
Attendees at recent CFA Okinawa Budokan seminars represent an actual sample of our readership and included: attorneys, business owners, a community organizer, company secretary, electrical engineer, high school principal, mechanical engineer, physician, police officer, professional karate instructors, a software engineer, students, a stockbroker, surgeon, translator, and writer.
In the past our readers have favored high quality items especially books, DVDs and items of personal equipment. They exhibit strong brand loyalty, generate high transaction averages, and very few returns.

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Direct Sales
(subscriptions + single retail copies) amount to 96% compared with an industry wide average of around 50%). Actual “sell through” (ratio of copies printed to copies sold in book stores) is averaging 62% compared with 48% for the “leading” US martial arts magazine.

Our advisors are among the best known and most highly respected martial arts instructors in the world and include: M. Higaonna 10th Dan, Hanshi, S. Gushi, 9th Dan, Chosei Motobu 9th Dan • Hung Ting Seng, F. Demura 8th Dan, T. Konishi 9th Dan • T. Kubota 8th Dan • Liu Chang I • Z. Shimabukuro 9th Dan, • Y. Marutani 7th Dan • H. Igaki 6th Dan
Makoto Hirohara.

Contributing Editors include Graham Noble B.Sc (UK) • David Hooper Ph.D. (Japan) • Guy H. Power MA (U.S.) • Charles Goodin JD (US) Stanley Henning MA (U.S.) Gary Masterson MD (U.K.) Mario McKenna MS. (Canada) Charles Joseph Swift B.Sc. (Japan) Nyle Monday M.A (US) Robert Dohrenwend Ph.D. (US) Brian Kennedy JD (Taiwan) Elizabeth Guo BA (Taiwan) Jeffrey Mann Ph.D (U.S.) Guy Power MA (U.S.) Robert Redmond JD (Eire) Akihiro Omi BA (U.S.) Stanley Henning (U.S.) • Alan Ruddock (Eire) Mark Tankosich MA (Japan)

Includes articles on the history and development of the martial arts • biographies of famous masters • technical and instructional articles • product reviews • schedule of traditional karate events • editorial comment • interviews of prominent martial arts personalities. Click
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