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We invite you to join us Classical Fighting Arts Forums

THE READERS of Classical Fighting Arts, we have found, are a special breed. They have a great deal in common with each other, are constantly seeking to improve their knowledge, and exhibit a genuine interest in all matters relating to authentic martial arts.

To stimulate and improve communications between individual subscribers and Classical Fighting Arts, we have set up this forum, the only qualification for full membership of which will be a current subscription to Classical Fighting Arts.

We have invited our writers and technical experts to become involved, and we will also use the forum as a way of passing on special offers to subscribers whenever possible. In this way we hope to repay those who help us most, our readers, while attracting more subscribers.

The rules of the forum are quite simple. Good manners are prized, criticism must be informed, and the goal of all must be self-improvement through the sharing of knowledge. We are all tired, I know, of truly ignorant individuals sounding off about things they don't understand, and hope, instead, to bring to this group the sort of cheerful cooperation that has made working for Classical Fighting Arts, and with its contributing editors, such a truly rewarding experience.

Those who are unable to conform with the standards of behavior we expect will be electronically excommunicated.

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Q: How do I join?
A: Anyone can! Just click on this link, give your name and e-mail address, read the terms of the simple agreement and if you approve, click to apply. You will be sent a password (which you can change later) that will allow you to enter the forum. If you are a Classical Fighting Arts subscriber you will be given a full membership that will allow access to the whole forum.
All memberships are free and are granted at the discretion of the moderators and staff.

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