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Manager's Specials

Buy a minimum of 5 Meijin uniforms in a single order will pay only the special low price of $85 each, an outstanding saving.
we will embroider a name (in Japanese or English)
or style up to six characters (from our standard list of styles) on each uniform completely FREE!!! Don't miss this offer which is available only while supplies last!

Click here for embroidery design samples Click
here for more about Meijin premium karate uniforms.


For Kendo, Iaido, Kyudo and other Traditional Budo

These easy to care for and beautifully made polyester/dacron hakama sell in Japan for well over $100.00. The quality of cut and finish is superb and as with all high quality Japanese clothing, the pleats are sewn in until the garment is worn for the first time to ensure the very best appearance.

Adult sizes 3 - 8 for just $49.95
An unrepeatable bargain.

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For Formal Iaido Practice

Handmade jackets for formal training in Iaido (sword drawing), traditional kimono type cut with full sleeves. We have an exclusive arrangement with the maker of these beautiful garments who tailors to our precise specification. 100% black cotton sizes S - M - L & XL

Remarkable value at just $49.95

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