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Meijin CHAMP White Karate Uniform order form:

New Improved CHAMP+ size 3-7 - $124.00 each.
New Improved CHAMP+ size 8 - $134.00 each.

New Improved CHAMP+ Uniforms

Meijin products are constantly being improved, and this is true with our CHAMP+ uniform, which has recently been substantially upgraded.

The new product retains all the benefits of the original CHAMP as far as cut, fit, and quality are concerned, but is made of higher grade 100% cotton canvas that weighs in at 13.5 ounces compared with the 12 ounce of the original CHAMP uniform.

Adding this new fabric to the legendary cut and fit of the Meijin CHAMP has created a well priced, professional quality uniform that is without equal.



*Uniform Size:

Extra Services:


Embroidery Options

First or last name embroidery $15.00
First and last name embroidery $25.00
Style embroidery $15.00
Extra large style embroidery up to $35.00


Would you like to have your uniform embroidered:

*Select “Credit-Yes” to claim your $15 embroidery credit:
*Credit for embroidery purchase only.
*Embroidery credit will be calculated at check out.


Name Embroidery

Embroider your name:

Type your name here:

English or Japanese:

Name embroidery color:

Name embroidery placement:


Style Embroidery

Style embroidery:

Style embroidery size:

Style embroidery color:

Style embroidery placement:
*When embroidery is placed on the back of a jacket,
we recommend using the extra large size option.


Calligraphy Style

Our Japanese embroidery calligraphy is
available in two styles.


Type A - Kaisho


Type B - Gyosho

Select your calligraphy style:


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