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Special Features and Technical Notes

Meijin Uniforms Technical Notes:
There are three major differences between Meijin and the other premium karate uniforms.

Firstly- they have underarm gussets with embroidered ventilation holes. This allows much greater freedom of movement (when you raise your arms your jacket won't pull out of your belt), minimizes fatigue, and creates a uniform that has a "tailored" look. The overall effect is to make Meijin much more comfortable than any other brand-the uniform that will immediately become you "favorite". And, by the way, the ventilation holes are there for, well, ventilation, and they are embroidered to stop the material fraying not to make then look pretty. The only other uniform that has ever approached Meijin's level of comfort, performance and sophistication was the WUKO (now the World Karate Federation) developed and approved "GI." During 1975 this entered limited production in Japan but ceased soon afterwards due to high production costs and the (by today's standards) $400 retail price. Meijin is the successor to the "GI" and shares many of its most desirable features but at a very affordable price.

Secondly- Meijin offers a range of twelve basic sizes plus "splits" from size 3 to size 7 giving a theoretical choice of 110 individual sizes, (a "split" uniform is comprised of a jacket and pants of different sizes). You will always find a Meijin uniform to fit you perfectly and if you need just a jacket or pants, that's fine as well, you can buy Meijin separates.

Thirdly- Meijin are the least expensive of the true premium brands. As we are the exclusive importer, when you buy from us you buy from the source and cut out the middleman. Comparable uniforms from other suppliers cost $170 - $230 but lack many of Meijin's features-buy from us and you will pay just $119 or less (check the web specials page) and get your name or style embroidered ABSOLUTELY FREE! (up to a value of $15.00).

How to Wash a Meijin Uniform

These suggestions are based on trials we conducted as well as the experience gained by owning hundreds of uniforms over the past 25+ years.

Give it room! A wet keikogi weighs a lot so don't overfill your washing machine by trying to wash more than one at a time. In an overloaded washing machine the cotton canvas can become jammed under the impeller and torn.
Keep it clean! Sweat, dirt, and grit will damage your uniform. Washing it frequently in cool water and hanging it to dry will make it better to wear and much longer lasting.
Avoid Bleach! The benefits of using old-fashioned liquid chlorine bleach are not usually worth the main consequence, accelerated wear. If you wash a uniform frequently in a good detergent, bleach is not usually necessary. If you really have to use bleach, use one of the modern "brightening" products that are advertised as being safe to use with colored clothes, and use it sparingly.
Conclusion! If you absolutely insist on washing your uniform in boiling water with bleach and drying it using the "hot" cycle in a commercial dryer you will shorten its life-sometimes dramatically, (look at your dryer's filter screen some time!)

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To order by phone call our office:
818 889 3856 (8 AM - 8 PM Mon - Sat PST.)

Need embroidery?
Go to Meijin's online embroidery catalogue and select the embroidery design/s (it's on the order form you complete) and tell us what color you want and where you want it embroidered. Alternatively call our office at the toll free number above and tell us in person.

Special Features

1. 100% pure cotton finely woven canvas material produced to our specifications especially for Meijin karate uniforms.

2.Traditional cord closure with three tie string loops for security and comfort.

3. Complete range of full and half sizes - "split" uniforms, and separates.

4. Pants and jacket cuff reinforced with tape and six lines of extra stitching All seams vamped and double sewn.

5. Hand-finished collar with multi-needle stitching.

6. Shoulder area lined with soft cotton gauze for added comfort.

7. Revolutionary jacket design with underarm gussets for improved freedom of movement and five embroidered air holes each side for coolness.

8. Extra-long woven cotton tie string.

9. Waist band lined with soft cotton gauze to prevent "bunching".

10. Custom embroidery service. Name or style translated into Japanese and embroidered free on new uniforms.


The traditional karate belt may not look very much but a great deal actually goes into its manufacture. Good belts have a single layer of thick felt at their heart around which is wrapped a vat dyed 100% cotton cover. This "sandwich" is then sewn with eight or more lines of stitching along its entire length using a twin needle machine, and the ends sewn closed creating a flexible and very strong belt. If it is well constructed it will not show a tendency to twist when it is folded (caused by stitching of unequal tension and/or lines of stitching unequally spaced), will not bleed color onto your uniform when you are training, and will stay secured. Wide and super wide belts make great presents when embroidered but are probably best kept for use on special occasions. Their width and thickness make them come undone easily. Many senior instructors actually ask for extra thin belts as they are easy to tie securely. Goju Ryu legend Morio Higaonna for example wears a custom made 1" wide embroidered belt by Meijin.

What you pay for a belt is not necessarily an indication of its quality. The factory where Meijin belts are produced is the largest supplier to the Japanese market and their belts are sold under various brand names for between $4.95 (our price), to as much as five times higher elsewhere.

Look for the quality not the price as, in any case, we remove labels, because they detract from the overall appearance, before we embroider a belt.

Images Above
Left: Morio Higaonna
Goju Ryu 9th Dan Hanshi
Began training 1953
Right: Shinyu Gushi

Uechi Ryu 9th Dan

Began training 1953


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